What is Pinnertest, Food Intolerance Test?

User-Friendly Food Intolerance Test


Pinnertest is a Food Intolerance Test that tests blood samples taken via finger prick. Pinnertest is performed via Microarray Scanning Technology in a medical laboratory. Pinnertest, Food Intolerance Test, is an FDA-compliant LDT blood test.


Our advanced Microarray Technology determines the elevated food-related IgG antibodies. IgG is an antibody that the immune system produces against unwanted antigens and also against undigested food proteins. If your body produces IgG antibodies to specific food proteins, this may mean that you are having problems digesting these particular foods. This maldigestion may be related to many reasons and mostly to enzyme deficiencies.

Why Do We Need A Test To Determine Food Sensitivities?

Tested Foods

Microarray Technology

A breakthrough chip

Analysis Method

Needs Only A Few Drops of Blood

Precise and Reproducible

Microarray technology.

Thanks to the microscopic chips used, only a tiny amount of blood will be enough for performing the test.

The microarray slides are scanned via very advanced High Resolution Laser Scanners in order to quantify precise results.

Pinnertest Blood Sample Collection

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“Pinnertest is and LDT test and only available via prescription in the US.”

1. If you are ordering from the USA, after your order, you will be forwarded to  https://pinnertest.com/prescription/ for your prescription request.
2. The received request will be reviewed by a physician on our rolls free of charge, and a prescription will be issued for the test within the same day unless the physician deems the food intolerance test to be inappropriate for you.
3. Once the prescription is approved, your kit will be mailed, If you are not approved, your order will be canceled, and in case you have made a payment, any payments made will be refunded immediately.
4. Upon availability of the IgG test report in about a week, the physician will review the report and clear it for release to you.
5. You have the option to further discuss the report with our physician* or with your physician.
*Physician consultations are optional and charged separately.

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