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What is Pinnertest, Food Intolerance Test?

User-Friendly Food Intolerance Test

Pinnertest is a Food Intolerance Test that tests blood samples taken via finger prick. Pinnertest is performed via Microarray Scanning Technology, which is considered one of the most advanced and reliable scientific methods to determine food intolerances. Pinnertest, Food Intolerance Test, is an FDA-compliant LDT blood test.


Our advanced Microarray Technology determines the elevated food-related IgG antibodies. IgG is an antibody that the immune system produces against unwanted antigens and also against undigested food proteins. If your body produces IgG antibodies to specific food proteins, this may mean that you are having problems digesting these particular foods. This maldigestion may be related to many reasons and mostly to enzyme deficiencies. Learn More

What is a Food Intolerance (Food Sensitivity)?

Food intolerance occurs when the body can’t completely digest a particular food, and the proteins of this food enter the bloodstream undissolved and cause an immune system reaction.


In a healthy metabolism, the proteins are extracted to amino acids. The immune system recognizes these amino acids, uses them, and does not respond to them. However, due to enzyme deficiencies or other health-related issues, if the protein enters the bloodstream undissolved, the body thinks these proteins are invaders attacking the body. The immune system fights the attacking proteins by producing IgG antibodies. This process often results in inflammation that can cause many different types of negative symptoms.  


When you do not know the foods that you are sensitive to and keep on processing them, the metabolism enters a vicious circle. The more inflammation causes more undigested proteins to enter, and the more proteins enter, the more inflammation occurs.,The only way to get out of this vicious circle is by identifying the foods that are poorly digested and then eliminating them from your diet. Learn More

Why Do We Need A Test To Determine Food Sensitivities?

Can’t I make trials and figure out without a Food Intolerance Test?

Without a reliable food intolerance test, it is almost impossible to identify which foods or drinks cause a sensitivity reaction. Many institutions are still encouraging people to use a diary and best-guess methods to identify and eliminate suspect foods. This elimination trial can be overwhelming and not very useful because food sensitivity reactions usually come up after hours, even days, due to the type of immune response to particular foods. It is almost impossible to make a connection between the foods you ate and the reaction you are having without a test because, during this period, an average person can process hundreds of ingredients in meals.


To know what foods you are sensitive to and sensitive to something, the best way to begin that journey is to take a food sensitivity test. This is going to be a jumping-off point to finding out just what works for or against your body’s particular digestion process.

However, “Food Intolerance Test” is a widespread term and used for various methods. It is essential to know which is a reliable and scientific test that will give you precise results.


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Pinnertest Food Intolerance Test has been in use for over ten years and has successfully helped many people become aware of their intolerances. It is an easy to use and understand exam. You place your order, and then we send out the test kit right away to you.


Once you receive the package, you follow the user-friendly guide, and a simple finger prick is all that is needed. You send off your sample to our lab, postage paid, and receive your results by email in 7 – 10 days.

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Microarray Technology

Our Food Intolerance Test uses Microarray technology to determine your IgG antibodies in your blood. A protein microarray is a laboratory tool used to detect hundreds of different proteins at the same time. Protein microarrays are microscope slides that are printed with thousands of tiny spots in defined positions, with each spot containing a particular food protein.

The advantages brought by protein microarray technology include a reduction in biological sample volume, high sensitivity/specificity and large data generation. The sensitivity and specificity of a protein microarray with 329 proteins gives a 94% concordance with standard ELISAs (PubMed/NCBI View Article)

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