Introducing FirstCheck, The Preliminary Food Intolerance Test

We’re proud to announce the arrival of FirstCheck, an inexpensive preliminary food intolerance test that determines the number of foods, if any, you may be intolerant to.


With just a few drops of blood, FirstCheck analyzes your body’s reaction to over 200 different kinds of food proteins.

How Is FirstCheck Different Than Pinnertest?

  • FirstCheck is an introductory type of test that allows our customers to see if they do in fact have any food intolerances through simple positive or negative results.


  • The Pinnertest goes beyond positive and negative results to identify exactly which foods you’re intolerant to.


FirstCheck is essentially a baseline reading for food intolerances. The outcome is either “Yes, you do have a food intolerance(s)” or “No, you do not have a food intolerance.”  


While FirstCheck does not reveal the specific food(s) you may be intolerant to, the results can be used to decide whether or not it’s necessary to commit to the more thorough Pinnertest before spending any additional money.

FirstCheck Results Sample Page

FirstCheck Sample Page

Pinnertest Results Sample Page

Pinnertest Results Sample Page

How It Works

Just like Pinnertest, FirstCheck can be administered by yourself within the comfort of your own home. Just follow these 6 easy steps below:


Order your FirstCheck test for only $29.99.

Receive Your Test

Quickly receive your FirstCheck Blood Collection Kit in the mail.

Extract Blood

Extract a couple drops of blood using the finger prick tool.

Send Sample

Fill out the included consent form and send back your sample and paper work to our lab in the provided free-return envelope.

Receive Simple FirstCheck Results

Receive simplified results that will describe how many foods you are intolerant to.

Upgrade Your Test

If you test positive for a food intolerance, you may upgrade to the Pinnertest for $290. No need to send in another sample, receive your detailed results within one business day.

How Much Is FirstCheck?

FirstCheck is just $29.99 with free express shipping!

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Upgrading To The Pinnertest

If FirstCheck does uncover a food intolerance, you may upgrade to the more in-depth Pinnertest to determine exactly which food(s) you’re intolerant to.


You will not have to prick your finger again or redo your blood sample. We will simply send you the detailed results to your email within the next business day.


To upgrade you will only be charged the difference of our discounted kit ($290.00).

Do I Have To Upgrade?

Not at all! The option is entirely up to you.

How Do I Order The FirstCheck?

Ordering the FirstCheck is easy! Just fill out the information here, and for just $29.99 we’ll get one to your door in no time with free express shipping.

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