Pinnertest Blood Sample Collection

REF: Determination of IgE and IgG reactivity to more than 170 allergen molecules in paper-dried blood spots
Conclusion:Our results thus indicate that it is not only possible to recover from a paper-dried blood or serum spot sufficient IgE and IgG to test for reactivity to more than 170 different allergens by micro-array technology but it is also reliable and reproducible. Because the paper-dried blood spots can be stored at different temperatures (−20°C-+37°C) without losing activity, it should be possible to send them sealed in plastic by envelopes via simple mail from all over the world to laboratories performing micro-array analysis. The test results can then be sent by mail or email back to the allergist to aid in the management of complicated cases. We thus provide a simple procedure for making molecular allergy diagnosis from paper-dried blood samples available worldwide.

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