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Pinnertest Blood Sample Collection

Medline Blue Safety Lancet



Step 1: Carefully twist off protective cap until it is separated from the device.


Step 2: Push the lancet firmly onto finger tip and push the top button to fire. Dispose of lancet in a suitable container.


Warning: Needle is sterile only if cap is in place and lancet is undamaged. Do not re-use lancets. Used lancets are biohazardous  materials and can transmit blood-borne diseases. Single use only.

intolerance test blood sample1

Wipe your finger tip with the sterilized paper provided


Open and prepare the blood collection pad


TWIST and remove the blue plastic tip from the needle dispenser


Place the needle directly on top of your finger tip and firmly press the large blue button


Massage your finger from base to the top, to stimulate blood flow and allow the blood droplets to gently fall on to the small circle on the collection pad


Clean your fingertip, and apply the enclosed bandaid


Complete the entire Pinnertest form provided in the test kit


Pack up the collection pad, the signed form, and place them in the return envelope that has been sent you

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