Respiratory Issues, Nasal congestion, asthma, cough from Food Intolerance

The respiratory system is often in contact with many pathogens. However, it has been designed in such a manner that it can get rid of these pathogens. However, this system can by deranged by food intolerance and sensitivity, in which case the individual would be at risk of many respiratory issues.

What are Respiratory Issues?

Respiratory issues such as nasal congestion, asthma and cough arise when the respiratory system is overwhelmed by the pathogens that it comes into contact with, or inflammation that is within the body. As a result, the individual may then end up having many problems including difficulty in breathing as well as production of a lot of mucus. Food intolerance is usually not thought of as a contributing factor to this, but it may play a role in causing respiratory issues and nasal congestion.

Respiratory Issues and Food Intolerance

Food intolerance is marked by inflammation in the gut against the food that you are not tolerant to. Rather than being localized in the gut, the inflammation may spread to other parts of the body including the respiratory system. In this area, the immune cells and chemicals produced by the inflammatory cells result in inflammation of the nasal passages as well as the pathways to the lungs.

These immune elements can travel throughout the respiratory system, from the mouth to the base of the lungs. They can therefore cause many effects depending on where they cause the most damage. This effect is usually more pronounced when you eat the food you are intolerant to over a long time, thus building up the reserves of immune cells that can later cause respiratory damage.

Symptoms of Respiratory Issues

Respiratory issues can manifest one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Blocked and runny nose
  • Cough
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Inability to do moderate or light work

Health Risks of Respiratory Issues

When not handled properly, the respiratory issues can result in health issues which include:

  • Pus formation in the lungs
  • Collapse of one or both lungs
  • Spread of infection to other organs
  • Solidification of both lungs by blood
  • Recurrent nose bleeding

Fight Respiratory Issues with the PinnerTest Food Intolerance Test

If you have respiratory issues, it can be caused by a myriad of issues, including pollen, dust and infectious diseases. Food intolerance tests are usually not thought of as part of this spectrum, but it may cause respiratory issues as well. In this situation, a simple cure would be to avoid the foods that you are intolerant to. Before this, you will need to first find out which foods you are intolerant to.

The PinnerTest is a world-class test that can be used to identify the foods that you are intolerant to. We make use of the highest grade materials and equipment to provide you with a 98% accuracy level. You will then get a detailed report of the foods that you are intolerant to.

If you or someone you know suffers from respiratory issues that seem to be difficult to treat, try our PinnerTest today to find out the foods that may be causing the problem. If you have any questions regarding anything to do with the test, simply talk to us today.

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